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Here in the nation's wang

Daytona Florida
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This community is for residents of the Daytona area. Feel free to post photos, meetings, band gigs, social events, rants, for sale adds, classifieds, announcements, etc. Anything to do with Daytona Beach.


1. **Please consider using an LJ cut for larger images, or for images that may be considered offensive. If the image might be considered offensive, please tack on a warning/disclaimer to the LJ cut.

2. Language in the case of swearing is allowed. However, I ask that you refrain from directing any of that swearing at members of the community.

3. Homophobic and/or anti-racial statements/slurs/phrases are not allowed. Sorry. Also, it has been requested that people refrain from abusing the phrase "god damn fucking hippies."

4. Feel free to make personal posts that might not neccessarily pertain to the community. But do add an LJ cut stating that it's personal so people won't respond with "what does this have to do with Daytona?"

5. *Violation of the rules stated above will result in a warning or a banning. But since you never know which will happen, (for all you know I flip a coin to decide) I would suggest not violating the rules.

* If you find yourself banned, and feel that I was totally wrong about my decision, please e-mail me and let me know.

** Information about LJ cuts can be found in the LiveJournal's FAQ.
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